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5 Best Strains For Anxiety

According to, over 40 million adults in the U.S. have an anxiety disorder. While many people use psychotherapy or medication for treatment, holistic medicine such as cannabis can also be extremely beneficial. 

Marijuana has been widely used and reported to help relieve symptoms of anxiety. The effects of its ingredients can aid an individual’s mental state, making them feel more relaxed and functioning. With legalization becoming more common across the country, there is more research available showing how different strains and types of cannabis are better to assist in relieving things like depression or anxiety symptoms. 

There are a few different cannabis strains that can help you in your pursuit to conquer anxiety. Let’s review the top five. 

Reduce Your Stress With Grandaddy Purple

There’s no doubt if you happen to see Granddaddy Purple (GDS) on the list of best and most popular cannabis strains for anxiety relief! 

This hybrid cannabis, with indica as the dominant strain, can relax your whole body while being high. If you are a fan of blueberries and grapes, this weed may be for you! Aside from being a stress-buster, it can also aid insomnia, nausea, and pain.

Calm Your Senses Using ACDC

Wondering what you might feel under this strain? Just pure calmness and happy moods! The best part is that consuming it will save you from feeling drowsy. 

An ACDC contains high levels of CBD, a weed ingredient believed to be responsible for decreasing one’s anxiety levels. It makes the strain perfect for users who seek to stir away from stress. Also, it is Sativa-dominant that allows you to function properly and feel focused. 

Amnesia Haze To Start Your Morningcannabis strains for anxiety

Nothing beats a productive and stress-free morning! If you are looking forward to this, you might consider adding the Amnesia Haze strain to your morning coffee. 

It is Sativa-dominant and has a citrusy fragrance. Additionally, it provides the energy you need on a boring day and offers antidepressant properties that improve your moods. 

Take It Easy With Northern Lights Strain

There are times that you might get stuck with worries and mental noise. Northern Lights strain reminds you to take it slow and easy as you inhale it!

The strain consists of 10% Sativa and 90% Indica. It aids in muscle relaxation and slows down your thoughts for a more rational and calm function. What’s good about this strain is that you can still enjoy the high feeling without overthinking things that mess up your mood. 

Cannatonic For Happy Moods

Just like ACDC, the Cannatonic strain is high in CBD. It can put you under deep relaxation as it puts your mind in an inactive but functioning state.

This hybrid cannabis does not just relieve anxiety and inflammation but also elevates happy moods. So if you are facing a difficult day, cannatonic may be the strain to beat the anxiety you may be feeling.

Choosing The Best Strain To Beat Anxiety

Cannabis for anxiety is generally effective. But its effects still vary from the strains you consume. It is important to know what feeling you are specifically after before taking a few marijuana hits.

cannabis for happy moodsThere are several strain choices to choose from, and you might wonder which best fits you. To determine the right kind of weed for you, consider the following:

  • Opt for strains that with high levels of CBD

  • Be mindful of your doses

  • Ensure that you know the content of the strains

  • It is still better to consult with an expert

Wrapping Up

Dealing with anxiety can drain you. Exhausting all efforts to beat it requires trying different methods. Even if you choose cannabis as the tool to help you, it is still beneficial to determine the kind of strain that best suits you.

Each is different, and you should align your choice based on what your body needs. In this way, you can maximize your cannabis use experience, living a stress-free and worry-free life. At Moosehead Medicine, we are here to help find the right strain for you. Stop in today to learn more.