About the Moosehead MedicineTeam

The Moosehead Medicine team is passionate about the cannabis plant and helping people naturally bring health and wellness into their lives.

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Experience Moosehead Medicine

Through years of learning, dedication, and firsthand experience, the team at Moosehead Medicine built a foundation of compassion, caring, and hard-work. This team truly knows their way around some of the finest Maine medical marijuana. Moosehead Medicine uses their extensive cannabis knowledge to provide top-notch medical cannabis products, along with the necessary education for patients to take advantage of the maximum health and wellness effects.

Our New, Top of the Line Grow Facility is Coming Soon!

We are so excited to announce that we recently broke ground on a new Moosehead Medicine grow facility! Our state of the art facility will feature handcrafted cannabis, grown in soil and cultivated as naturally as possible. Check in for some major updates on inventory, options, updated products, and so much more! Stay tuned for more details on our handcrafted, indoor Maine cannabis, grown in fresh natural soil and crafted with loving care–always.

New grow coming soon!

When we say Moosehead Medicine is built off compassion, we mean it.

Dennis, co-owner at Moosehead Medicine, found a deeper love for cannabis through the tragic process of losing his mother after her tough battle with cancer. Through observing her painful experience, Dennis grew to better understand the power that cannabis holds, and the benefits it can bring to those he cares about. The relief this amazing plant brought his mother during her most difficult times was incredible. Dennis felt called to share these benefits with others, and thus decided to become a state of Maine medical marijuana caregiver (originating in 2011).

Dennis' business partner, Newton, has been with the company since 2019.

Newton is passionate about the growing process, and has such a sense of gratitude for being able to create quality medicine for Maine people. Newton’s love for his craft truly shines through when you speak with him about his work. He most definitely adores what he does, and takes pride in the hard-earned results Moosehead is able to consistently achieve.

“We love what we do! If we can’t make ourselves happy, we can’t make anyone else happy with what we are growing. I truly believe we were born for this.”
Newton, Co-Owner at Moosehead Medicine

No Medical Card?

We still have products for you!

CBD products are available at Moosehead Medicine without the need for a medical card.   Cannabidol (CBD) helps to balance and stimulate the production of endocannabinoids within the body. This can be said to improve the immune system, pain response, mood, and appetite. CBD is said to relieve chronic pain due to its anti-inflammatory properties. We are happy give you more information on CBD and how it works within our bodies, and to help you pinpoint the right products for your needs.

Medicinal cannabis purchases can only be made with a valid photo I.D. and a certified medical marijuana card. If you are interested in obtaining a medical marijuana card, we can gladly point you in the right direction. Do you have any questions about Maine Medical Marijuana laws and regulations? Learn more with the Medical Marijuana Caregivers of Maine here

Featuring Products from Trusted Brands!

We are proud to carry products from the brands you know and love. We offer gummies from the Mighty Viking, as well as quality edibles from our friends at Buzzed Bakery and the Ganja Candy Factory. Don’t forget about our new age, Nanos carts from Bluesky Labs Concentrates.

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