Premium Craft Cannabis Products

All of our cannabis products are locally sourced, grown, and lab tested. We ensure consistent quality and satisfaction for our patients.

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We mean it when we say we have something for everyone at Moosehead Medicine.

Not only do we carry high-quality Maine craft cannabis flower, edibles, topicals, and concentrates, but we also supply top-notch glass, grinders, incense, gift items, essential oils, and so much more!

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We currently serve medical cannabis patients only (aside from CBD products). Not currently a medical cannabis patient? No problem! We’ve got you covered. Check out how to easily become medically certified for cannabis consumption here.



We mean it when we say we have something for everyone at Moosehead Medicine. Not only do we carry high quality Maine cannabis products, but we also supply top notch glass, grinders, incense, gift items, essential oils, and so much more! Check out our products here.

Cannabis Community


Greenville is one of Maine's top tourist attractions with the awe-inspiring beauty of Moosehead Lake. Visit our community page to learn more about local cannabis friendly hotels, boat tours, and outdoor events!

Grow With Us


Stay tuned for details on how Moosehead Medicine broke ground on a new grow facility! Our cannabis is handcrafted indoors with care, grown in the highest quality natural soil, and has been perfected with years of experience.

wholesale cannabis


If you are looking for a wholesale outlet, Moosehead Medicine is your store! We are here to consistently supply businesses with the top shelf cannabis products that keep your patients and customers coming back. Learn more here!

How Can We Help?

Our medical marijuana products can aid in relief of several health concerns, ranging from cancer, to seizures, to chronic pain, and more. The active component of the marijuana plant, cannabinoids, have been shown to inhibit tumor growth and even kill cancer cells. We are proud to work with many patients who use cannabis to find relief from the side effects of cancer. Medical marijuana contains antispasmodic qualities which relax muscles, and has shown to be an effective support for seizure disorders. Patients who suffer from chronic pain caused by diabetes, cancer, MS, HIV, and other diseases have been turning to medical marijuana as a way to subside their pain without the use of addictive or harmful pharmaceutical medications. We are passionate about providing alternative resources to our community and providing excellent, quality, effective plant medicine to our patients.  

Flower Products

We consistently maintain a wide selection of top-shelf flower products for your optimum wellness. There are many symptoms resulting from medical conditions that our flower products can help ease. For example, cannabinoids have been linked to providing relief of chronic pain due to their unique chemical makeup. The endocannabinoid compounds in cannabis have also been shown to help in stabilizing moods which can ease symptoms of anxiety or depression. Check out the many strains we carry, such as Moosebreath, Blueberry Headband, and Sour Diesel, today!

Edible Products

Cannabis edibles are a highly popular way of partaking in the health and wellness benefits of the marijuana plant, paired with the delicious taste of a sweet treat. Have you been looking for a smokeless way to reap the benefits of cannabis? Moosehead Medicine has TONS of options for you! We carry delectable edible items from premium cannabis businesses such as Mighty Vikings, Buzzed Bakery, Ganja Factory, Norumbega Provisions, and more! Try them for yourself today.

Cartridge Options

Are you a concentrate lover who is looking for the smoking ease of a pre-roll? Check out the premium cartridge concentrate options we have at Moosehead Medicine! We partner with Blue Sky Labs to bring you the tastiest, most potent, and surprisingly affordable top-shelf cannabis concentrate cartridges. Pen cartridges are the easiest way to indulge in cannabis concentrates. Medicating with concentrates just became convenient. Try today!

Pre-Roll Options

Delicious, convenient, simple, and ready to light! Our selection of premium cannabis flower and kief pre-rolled cones are the easiest way to medicate with literally no preparation required from you. Pre-rolled joints are easy to be taken with you to medicate on the go (disclaimer - do not medicate while driving). We make perfectly rolled cones that will be pleasing to both the eye and the cannabis palette with every affordable purchase. Check them out yourself!


We make a topical soothing salve made with high-quality CBD. This cannabinoid infused salve is designed to relax muscle tension, easing pain and aches within the body. Many patients find great relief from joint pain, muscle pain, and chronic illness aches through use of this product. Are you curious to find out if this product could benefit you and your pain management? Check it out for yourself today!

Concentrate Products

Developed through in-house production and partnerships with elite Maine cannabis businesses, we bring our patients the cleanest possible premium concentrates on the market. We offer a variety of options in flavor and consistency to meet all of your concentrate desires, and to aid in the relief of a number of symptoms. By carrying brands like Blue Sky Labs, Shannon’s Best Buds, and Homegrown Healthcare, we stock our shelves with top-notch products such as premium Shatter Packs, potent THC Tincture, delicious Jamaican Skunk Sauce, and many more! Pick up yours today!